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GHS Assistant is supervised and developed by following chemical expert. Other than the expert, there are several professionals familiar with chemistry and relevant laws and regulations so we can appropriately respond to your questions on SDS or label and so on.

Akira Asada
Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
M. S. in Mechanical Engineering, March 1964
B. S. in Mechanical Engineering, March 1962
1964–1989 Toray Industries, Inc.
1989-Present Asahi Graphic Corp.
Achievements (As chief engineer in Toray)
  • Production process development of PA66, ABS resin, PPS resin, carbon fiber, foamed resin, plastic type of photo fiber, interferon, PBT resin, PMMA resin, artificial kidney, pure water facility with osmosis membrane, resin for electronic devices, composite molding and so on.
  • Technology export of continuous bulk polymerization process of ABS (for Borg Warner Chemical Co. Ltd.) including plant design guidance
  • Technology inport of production engineering for PPS resin (from Phillips Petroleum)
Activities as Technical Advisor
  • Technical guidance on engineering plastics production technology for US chemical companies
  • Design and development of a hose detaching tool that can be operated lightweight and simpler than firefighting equipment manufacturer
Received a technical award for ABS continuous bulk polymerization technology development from Chemical Engineering Association in April 1984 (in Toray, Team Award)

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