Successfully reduced outsourcing costs for SDS.
Chinese local staffs create Japanese SDS by using Chinese operation screen of the software.
Our professionals continuously respond to their inquiry by communicating Chinese language.


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Analysis service and sales for chiral column and chiral reagent
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Personal version
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Japanese and English

How did you create Japanese SDS before adopting GHS Assistant?

We outsourced Japanese SDS creation one by one, so suffered from excessive outsourcing cost. It was a struggle trying to find a way of creating Japanese SDS due to insufficient writing skill of Japanese.

Why did you decide to adopt GHS Assistant?

We're Chinese enterprise and engineers in charge of SDS creation are all China local staffs.
So we're seeking for SDS creation software enables us to create Japanese SDS by using Chinese operation secreen. GHS Assistant fitted our requirement completely.
Moreover, there's chiemical professional goot at Chinese language in Asahi Graphic Corp. so kind technical support is provided by communicating Chinese language. It was also decisive reason for adopting GHS Assistant.

How do you feel about effect of GHS Assistant?

SDS creation cost was reduced drastically.
In order to submit the latest SDS compliant to the latest rules and regulations in Japan, we can update SDS at any time easily.
Furthermore, technical support with Chinese language is very helpful to use the software with relief.

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