FAQ on SDS authoring service

As for FAQ on SDS authoring service, please see this page.

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  • In what case will it cost more than \35,000?
    Does the cost increase in response to number of ingredients?

    If you provide information necessary for SDS authoring, we will author it for ¥35,000 regardless of the number of ingredients.
    However, if you request SDS authoring for overseas and want to translate your own phrases not stipulated by GHS standard and want to describe them in the SDS, a translation fee will be charged separately. (Our authoring professional will give you some advises whether the translation is necessary or not.)
    In addition, we deliver final SDS be e-mail, but if you request other delivery style or additional technical report, additianal charge is necessary.

  • What data or information should be prepared before applying the service?

    At least, you need to prepare thr product information including component information with CAS No. and content(%), physical and chemical properties (ex. flash point and boiling point of flammable liquid, pH of aqueous solution) and UN No. and so on.
    As for mixed raw material or imported products, please prepare the original SDS issued by the manufacture. If you don't know detailed information, please click inquiry form or call us.
  • Why the price is so lower than other SDS providers?

    Most of SDS are prepared by our SDS authoring software "GHS Assistant".
    By using the software we can author various SDS at lower price in a short time.

  • What destinations and languages do you provide?

    The destinations and languages are as below.

    • Japanese SDS for Japan
    • English SDS for the US military base in Japan
    • English SDS for EU
    • English SDS for the US
    • English SDS for Malaysia
    • Chinese (Simplified) SDS for PRC (Mainland China)
    • Chinese (Traditional) SDS for Taiwan
    • Spanish SDS for Mexico
    • Thai SDS for Thailand
    • Indonesian SDS for Indonesia
    • Malay SDS for Malaysia
    • Vietnamese SDS for Vietnam

    As for other countries and languages, please contact us.

    To learn more about rules and regulations, please click here.

  • In English SDS provided by overseas trading company, contents (%) of some component were printed with range indication.
    Is it possible to author Japanese SDS by using such data?

    Please provide the English SDS.
    We'll author Japanese SDS by using upper limit of the contents.

  • Who author SDS?

    Our authoring professionals author SDS. They came from chemical companies and have extensive experience on chemical industries.
    To learn more about our professionals, please click here (Japanese only).

  • Is there discount on the service?
    What is \15,000 service?

    It is only available for the customer who adopted our SDS authoring software "GHS Assistant".
    Once the SDS created with the system and the relevant data are exported and forworded to us, we can convert it to another language for ¥15,000.

  • Prior to order, can you sign NDA?

    Yes of course.
    Both your format and ours are applicable.
    Please feel free to contact us.

  • Do you provide translation service?

    The SDS must comply with the rules and regulations of the countries to which the SDS will be submitted. 
    Therefore, we don't provide simple translation service.
    But we can help you to translate your own phrases or proprietary test data indispensable for communicating hazard or precautions of your product.
    (Note) Additianal rranslation fee will be charged separately.

  • How long is number of days until delivery?

    If your order is 5 SDS or less, we will deliver them within seven business days.
    And if you need it ASAP, please contact us.
    On the other hand, please note that it may not be possible to respond to your request depending on whole order we received.

  • Can I order LABEL only?

    The contents of SDS and LABEL should be consistent, so we definetely author LABEL together with SDS.
    Please order LABEL together with SDS.

  • Can I get the LABEL including design?

    Only manuscript is available for LABEL. If necessary, please contact other design company.
    But if you want it at any cost, we'll give some advice with additional charge.
    Please contact us for more information.

  • Is SDS update service available?

    Although new order will be necessary, we'll update and deliver SDS.

  • I'm not in corporation but a personal business operator.
    Can I apply for the service?

    Please pay the fee in advance. When we can confirm your deposit, we'll start the SDS authoring.

  • Can I refer your SDS samples in advance?

    Our SDS samples of each language are disclosed in the page on SDS samples.

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