FAQ on GHS Assistant

As for FAQ on rental service of SDS authoring software "GHS Assistant", please see this page.

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  • What kind of language, Rules and Regulations and Base data cas GHS Assistant proviode?

    ■Available Languages

    • Japansese
    • English
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Traditional Chinese
    • Spanish
    • Thai
    • Indonesian
    • Malay
    • Vietnamese

    As for Rules and Regulations, please refer Rules an Regulations we can provide.

  • Can GHS Assistant update the SDS in response to the latest rules and regulations?

    The update function is installed in GHS Assistant as standard, so the SDS can be updated in response to the latest rules and regulations at any time.

  • How often are the rules and regulations data updated?

    Basically, it's updated eveny two or three months and delivered to our customers.
    If update of major rules and regulation is announced by compitenent authorities, we'll deliver the data prior to the enforcement.

  • Apart from provided GHS classification data of NITE, EU CLP or China GHS standard, can GHS Assistant register our own proprietary GHS classification data and its base data and use them Preferentially?

    Yes, GHS Assistant can register the proprietary data and use it for GHS classification.

  • Can you customize the system based on our requirement?

    If your requirement is useful also for other customers, we'll respond to the requirement and the additional function or improvement will be provided without additional fees.
    Almost all of the requirements are provided without additional fees, but in some special cases, the additional fees will be needed.

  • Can GHS Assistant link to label drafting software?

    Yes, GHS Assistant can convert label data to CSV file and export it to peripheral equipments.
    Especially it has high affinity with the label drafting software distrubuted by Seagull Scientific Corp. "BarTender" and the combination exibits excellent performance in seamless label drafting.
    As for detail, please contact us.

  • Is it possible to operate GHS Assistant without connecting internet?

    Yes, GHS Assistant will be installed in Windows OS based PC or Server and operated without connecting internet.

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