Basic knowledge on GHS or SDS/MSDS

This is summarize of basic knowledge on GHS or SDS/MSDS. It introduces how to draft SDS/MSDS and basic procedures how to obtain SDS drafting guidelines etc. received from our customers using our SDS authoring service or SDS authoring tool "GHS Assistant". It's also guidance for using our service.

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  • Q.What is SDS?

    SDS(Safety Data Sheet ) is document used for communicating hazards of chemicals product and describing characteristics or precautions on using it.
    And its purpose is to provide hazard information of chemicals product to all relevant people handling it.

  • Q.What is difference between SDS and MSDS?

    Both are the same.
    Formerly, it was called MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet). Now it's universally referred to as SDS (Safety Data Sheet).

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