SDS作成支援ツールの「GHS Assistant 」レンタルサービス

SDS authoring tool GHS Assistant

It helps you to reduce your load for authoring SDS.

What GHS Assistant can contribute

  • Improvement of business efficiency

    No need to input man power for SDS authoring including investigation on the latest rules and regulations or calculation of GHS classification, so you can concentrate on your essential tasks.

  • Cost reduction

    Thanks to fixed monthly fees, the more you author SDSs, the lower necessary cost per one SDS document will be.

  • Risk management

    GHS Assistant can contribute to reduce various risks (ex. difficulty of securing staffs for SDS authoring, loss of business oppotunity caused by dissmiss of urgent sample request and inappropriate flown out of document etc.)


  • Reasonable cost for adopting

    The system is provided by rental so that you can try it at once and process it as monthly expenses and don't need to prepare a large amount of funds for purchasing. Moreover anytime within 3 months after the first contract.

  • Extensive support

    Our professionals sufficiently support system installation, instruction of operation and other technical advises on SDS and Label.

  • Simple and intuitive operation

    If you input component data (CAS No. and concentration %), chemical and physical property (ex. flash point, boiling point, pH etc) and click one button, GHS classification and relevant rules and regulations are output automatically.

  • Brand new data are provided at regular interval

    We provide brand new rules and regulation data every two or three months to keep the software up-to-date.

  • System update

    The service includes system update so that you can correspond with functionality update and machine trouble.

  • High security

    Its security is highly evaluated because it's operated with in-house PC or server, not exposed to internet.

Main functionality

  • Multilingual correspondence

    The software provides three languages, Japanese, English and Simplified Chinese not only for SDS authoring but also for opearation interface.

  • SDS retrieval

    SDS authored in the past can be retrieved based on designated ducument number, name of product, CAS No. and so on.

  • Protection for your confidential component data

    CAS No. masking function, Range indication for content % and component name change function can protect your confidential component data.

  • Estimation of flash point, boiling point and explosion limit

    Even if you don't have measured data, don't warry.
    In order to estimate them, the software allows you to quote them easily by using installed ISCS data.

  • P-phrases extraction for Label design

    P-phrases can be easily extracted in response to actual label size.
    Four levels of extraction in compliant to Japan METI GHS classification tool can be used.

  • Link to label creation software

    Flexible interface to various label creation software enables you to create GHS compliant label easily.

Extensive data

The system is supervised, developed and maintained by professionals familiar with chemistry and relevant rules and regulations so we can appropriately respond to your questions  on SDS and Label etc.

Representative provided data

GHS Standards
Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals(GHS), Seventh revised edition
GHS classification
Japanese (NITE) data:ca. 3,500 substances,
EU CLP data (Tabel 3 of Annex VI) : ca. 5,500 substances
Chinese dangerous chemicals list (2015) : ca. 2,900 substances
Transport of dangerous goods
UN RTDG, IMDG code and IATA Code、IATA Dangerous goods regulations
(UN number, Proper shipping names, Class, PG, Special provisions etc)
ERG guide number, Phrases
ACGIH, Japanese Labor Safety/Hygiene Law (working environment eavaluation criteria), JSOH,
OEL/PEL in Taiwan, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam etc
Toxicological Information
NITE base information of GHS classification, ACGIH, IARC etc
Ecological Information
NITE base information of GHS classification, ACGIH, ICSC etc
Japan Rules and Regulations
JIS Z 7252 : 2019, JIS Z 7253 : 2019, Posonous and Deleterious Substance Control Law, PRTR Law,
Chemicals Substance Control Law, Industrial Safety and Health Act, Fire Service Act, Ship Safety Act,
Civil Aeronautics Act etc.
EU Rules and Regulations
CLP Regulations, REACH SVHC (Candidate List)
USs Rules and Regulations
Hazard Communication Standard - 2012 (29 CFR 1910.1200), TSCA, SARA, OSHA, NIOSH,
California Proposition 65
China Rules and Regulations
GB12268-2012, GB13690-2009, GB15258-2009, GB6944-2012, GB/T16483-2008, GB/T22234-2008, GBZ2.1-2019, GB/T17519-2013, GB30000.2-2013 - GB30000.29-2013, Hazardous chemicals regulations, Measures For Environmental Management Registration Of Hazardous Chemicals (For Trial Implementation), Regulations on Labor Protection in Workplaces Where Toxic Substances Are Used, Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Occupational Diseases, Measures for Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances et al.
Taiwan Rules and Regulations
Occupational Safety and Health Act, Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances Control Act, Ordinance on Prevention of Organic Solvent Poisoning, Standards for Hazard Prevention of Specific Chemical Substances et al.
Thailand Rules and Regulations
Hazardous Chemical Act, Occupational Health, Safety and Working Environment Act et al.
Vietnam Rules and Regulations
Law of Chemicals et al.

Other than aforementioned data, please contact us directly.

Monthly rental fee

In response to necessity of languages, number of users, suilable service is available with reasonable monthly rental fee.

Personal versionServer version
Japanese only ¥75,000/month

PC rental for free !


Most of costomers continue to use the servise

Situation of contract in the past five years


61% of all customers elapsed three years or more after the contract.
The cancellation rate in the past five years is only seven percent.
(There is no cancellation less than three years.)

As of September, 2018

The resons why they use GHS Assistant contenuously

  • Because they can concentrate on their essential tasks

  • Because they don't need to secure staffs for SDS authoring

  • Because they can easily respond to urgent sample resuest

The voice of our customers adopted GHS Assistant

  • SDS authoring was accelerated and business efficiency was improved drastically.

  • GHS Assistant is very easy to operate. We want Thai version too.

  • We always greatly appreciate rapid and kind support.

Excellent cost performance

Thanks to fixed monthly fees, the more you author SDSs, the lower necessary cost per one SDS will be.

ex.)Author 10 SDSs per month by using Personal version (¥75,000/month) → ¥7,500 per one SDS

Please request demonstration to experience excellent feature of GHS Assistant.

Our professionals visit you and show you the demonstration of SDS authoring on the spot.
Moreover we'll also show our extensive knowledge and kind technical support.
Please request the demonstration by all means.

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