Function overview

GHS Assistant have veratile functions including multilingual correspondence, confidential component data protection, GHS database customization, raw material management and easy SDS update etc.

Multilingual correspondence

GHS Assistant provides three languages user interface: English, Japanese and Simplified Chinese.
Even if you are not familiar with Japanese or Chinese, don't worry.
GHS Assistant allows you to easily create the SDS with English user interface.
Following languages SDS authoring are available.

  • Japanese SDS for JAPAN
  • English SDS for EU
  • English SDS for the US
  • English SDS for the US military base in Japan
  • English SDS for Malaysia
  • Chinese (Simplified) SDS for PRC (Mainland China)
  • Chinese (Traditional) SDS for Taiwan
  • Spanish SDS for Mexico
  • Thai SDS for Thailand
  • Indonesian SDS for Indonesia
  • Malay SDS for Malaysia
  • Vietnamese SDS for Vietnam
  • As for other countries and areas, please concact us. 

Complete protection for your confidential ingredients data

CAS No. masking function, range indication for contents % and component name change function can protect your confidential component data.

Estimation of flash point and explosion limit

Even if you don’t have measurement data of flash point and so on, don’t worry.
In order to estimate it, the software allows you to quote it easily by using installed ICSC data.

P-phrases extraction for Label design

P-phrases can be easily extracted in response to actual label size.
Four levels of extraction in compliant to Japan METI GHS classification tool can be used.

Customization of chemical dictionary and GHS database

GHS Assistant provides approximately 50,000 chemicals database.
Moreover you can freely change the data information or add any new data.
GHS classification data and classification base data can be changed or newly registered freely.

Raw material management

Frequently used mixed raw materials can be registered together with your proprietary company code in advance.
When you create a SDS, you only need to call the proprietary company code to decompose it into CAS based component data.
We also provide data import function. You can also import component information registered in your own production management system etc.

Easy SDS update

We provide brand new rules and regulations data every two or three months to keep the software up-to-date.
Therefore your SDS can be also updated easily.
Moreover you can also search and extract SDS to update in bulk treatment.

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