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Feature of GHS Assistant

For more than 10 years, we have been providing it to various customers who want to conform to rules and regulations on chemical products.

For recent several years, it evolved to GHS compliant and multilingual correspondence system to provide brand new GHS hazard classifications and relevant rules and regulations data.

Its simple and user-friendly interface enables you to create SDS in minutes, without any technical or chemical expertise.

Due to its versatile function for multiple countries, it can meet your diversified needs.
Nowadays it's used by more than 100 domestic and overseas companies.

Developed and mantained by professionals

GHS Assistant is supervised, developed and maintained by professionals familiar with chemistry and relevant laws and regulations so we can appropriately respond to your questions on SDS or label and so on.
As for more about developer of GHS Assistant, click here.

Simple and intuitive operation, Creating SDS in minutes !

Simple and user-friendly interface provide ease of use for all customers.
Items that need to be entered are integrated into one screen.
Basically, you only need to input component data (CAS No. and contents %), minimum chemical and physical property (ex. flash point, boiling point and pH and so on) and to click one button, GHS classification is carried out and relevant rules and regulation are output automatically.
Once you register your proprietary information in advance, the software allows anyone to create a GHS compliant SDS in minutes, without any technical or chemical expertise.
Moreover, it has versatile functions shown as below:

Provide brand new rules and regulations data at regular interval

We provide brand new rules and regulations data every two or three months to keep the software up-to-date.

Representative provided data are as follows.

GHS Standards
Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals(GHS), Seventh revised edition
GHS classification
Japanese (NITE) data:ca. 3,500 substances,
EU CLP data (Tabel 3 of Annex VI) : ca. 5,500 substances
Chinese dangerous chemicals list (2015) : ca. 2,900 substances
Transport of dangerous goods
UN RTDG, IMDG code and IATA Code、IATA Dangerous goods regulations
(UN number, Proper shipping names, Class, PG, Special provisions etc)
ERG guide number, Phrases
ACGIH, Japanese Labor Safety/Hygiene Law (working environment eavaluation criteria), JSOH,
OEL/PEL in Taiwan, Mexico, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam etc
Toxicological Information
NITE base information of GHS classification, ACGIH, IARC etc
Ecological Information
NITE base information of GHS classification, ACGIH, ICSC etc
Japan Rules and Regulations
JIS Z 7252 : 2019, JIS Z 7253 : 2019, Posonous and Deleterious Substance Control Law, PRTR Law,
Chemicals Substance Control Law, Industrial Safety and Health Act, Fire Service Act, Ship Safety Act,
Civil Aeronautics Act etc.
EU Rules and Regulations
CLP Regulations, REACH SVHC (Candidate List)
USs Rules and Regulations
Hazard Communication Standard - 2012 (29 CFR 1910.1200), TSCA, OSHA, NIOSH,
California Proposition 65
China Rules and Regulations
GB12268-2012, GB13690-2009, GB15258-2009, GB/T16483-2008, GB/T17519-2013, GB/T22234-2008、GBZ2.1-2007, GB6944-2012, GB 30000.2-2013 through GB 30000.29-2013

Other than aforementioned rules and regulations, please contact us.

Bundle hardware and software & services into one lease

Bundle hardware and software & services into one lease, so it is easy to manage your ingredient information of your product.
Based on your demand, cloud server services are also available.
As for details, please contact us.

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