Price of GHS Assistant

In response to necessity of languages, number of members or SDS authoring quantity etc, we can provide various services with resonable price (ex. \75,000 per month).

The price consists of hardware, software, deliver service of the latest law and regulation, software update and customer support.
In response to necessity of languages, number of members or SDS authoring quantity etc, we can provide various services.

Monthly rental fee
*without tax

Personal version

(For one login ID)

Server version

(For multiple login ID)

PC rental for free!*1


Available languages
Other than Japanese, please select your preferred ones.
English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Thai, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese
Japanese only



Japanese and one language
(ex. Japanese & English)



Japanese and two languages
(ex. Japanese & English & Simplified Chinese)



Japanese and three languages or more
(ex. Japanese & English & Simplified Chinese & Thai)

Plus ¥35,000

per one language

Plus ¥70,000

per one language
Minimum effective
period of contract 
1 year
(Can be canceled within three months as long as the new contract)

Function comparison


Fixed one ID


Logins one time



SDS file format RTF*3,PDF RTF*3,PDF
Company LOGO output
Component CSV file import
SDS CSV file batch processing
GHS compliant Label authoring
P-phrases extraction in compliant to
Japan METI GHS Classification Tool 
Raw material data registration
Chemical data registration
GHS data registration
GHS base data registration
CSV data import/export
SDS update
SDS update in bulk


Scheduled ata backup


Work flow (approval) system


SDS distribution management


Account privilege setting


As for personal version, you can choose to use either a Windows PC prepared by yourself or a rental PC(*1) prepared by us.
As for server version, please prepare Wndows server OS lisence by yourself. A rental server are prepared by us.

: Rental PC of our designated manufacturer is prepared. Please note in advance.
: The upper limit depends on the hardware specifications.
 *3: One of the document format developed by Microsoft can be edited by Microsoft Word or Apache OpenOffice Writer etc.

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