GHS Assistant help you to reduce your load for authoring GHS compliant SDS/MSDS and Label.

GHS Assistant is software for authoring GHS compliant SDS/MSDS and Label.
For more than 10 years, we have been providing it to various customers who want to conform to rules and regulations on chemical products.

For recent several years, it evolved to GHS compliant and multilingual correspondence system to provide brand new GHS hazard classifications and relevant rules and regulations data all over the world.
We provide brand new rules and regulations data every two or three months to keep the software up-to-date.

Moreover, its simple and user-friendly interface enables you to author SDS/MSDS in minutes, without any technical or chemical expertise.
Due to its versatile function with multiple languages, it can meet your diversified needs.
Nowadays it's used by more than 100 domestic and overseas companies.

If your SDS authoring quantity or frequency is not so much, we'll propose our SDS authoring service.

In order to concentrate on your essential tasks (ex. research and development, sales and marketing or other important ones), GHS Assistant and our SDS authoring service are definitely recommended.

Examples of Adoption

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Information on Version up and others

Information of GHS Assistant ver4.12
Information of GHS Assistant ver4.11
Information of GHS Assistant ver4.10
Information of GHS Assistant ver4.09
Information of GHS Assistant ver4.08
Information of GHS Assistant ver4.07
Information of GHS Assistant ver4.06
[Important] Notice of Remote Work
Information of GHS Assistant ver4.05
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