SDS authoring service

SDS authoring service

We provide GHS compliant SDS authoring service with lower cost (ex. ¥35,000) than other SDS providers.

Feature of SDS authoring service

Our SDS authoring service provide a much lower price and higher quality SDS document by using our SDS authoring software GHS Assistant.
In order to provide accurate and GHS compliant SDS, our professionals check whether authored SDS can comply with local, national and international rules and regilations.
Even if you need SDS ASAP, we'll author and deliver it rapidly (ex. 7 business days).

Even if you are not familiar with GHS or SDS, we'll support carefully. Please feel free to contact us.

  • Multilingual correspondence

    Japanese, English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese and Spanish SDS are available.
    Languages for ASEAN countries will be launched from April, 2019.

  • Reasonable price

    The price of SDS is ¥35,000 per SDS. (As for customers meet specified conditions, the price is ¥15,000 per SDS.)

    >>See price table.

  • Excellent support by our professionals

    Our professionals familiar with chemistry, GHS and relevant rules and regulations author and check SDS. If you have any trouble or technical inquiry from your customers, we'll advise properly based on our extensive experiences.

  • Delivery within 7 business days

    After gettting necessary data and information, we'll start SDS authoring.
    If your order is five documents or less, we'll deliver them within 7 businees days. And if you need it ASAP, please feel free to contact us.

  • Brand new database

    SDS based on brand new rules and regulations data are available.

  • 200 or more customers every year

    200 or more customers in various industries highly eveluate our service and use it repeatedly.

Price table of SDS authoring service

LanguageDestination countyDeliverySDS
 (without tax)

(without tax)

Japanese SDS/MSDS Japan 7 business days ¥35,000 plus ¥5,000
English SDS/MSDS EU, US, US military base in Japan,
Canada etc
7 business days ¥35,000 plus ¥5,000
Simplified Chines SDS/MSDS PRC (Mainland China) 7 business days ¥35,000 plus ¥5,000
Traditional Chinese SDS/MSDS Taiwan 7 business days ¥35,000 plus ¥5,000
Spanish SDS/MSDS Mexico 10 business days※1 ¥35,000 plus ¥5,000
Thai SDS/MSDS Thailand 10 business days※1 ¥35,000 plus ¥5,000
Indonesian SDS/MSDS Indonesia 10 business days※1 ¥35,000 plus ¥5,000
Malay or English SDS/MSDS Malaysia※2 10 business days※1 ¥35,000 plus ¥5,000
Vietnamese SDS/MSDS Vietnam 10 business days※1 ¥35,000 plus ¥5,000

※1: To be delivered within 7 business days stepwise.
※2: Based on GHS classification and labelling rules in Malaysia (ICOP CHS 2014), both English and Malay SDS are required for Malaysia.
(If you order both English and Malay SDS simultaneously, package price ¥45,000 is applied.) 

Price table of SDS translation service

ServiceDetail of the service

(without tax)

Translation of SDS

The translation service is provided simultaneously with SDS authoring.
(It's not formal SDS or Label, but can be used for deciphering of contents
or education material for local staff. )
Large watermark "FOR YOUR REFERENCE" is printed in all pages and PDF
file is provided.
Please be sure to order it together with SDS authoring service.
(Translations of SDS created by other service providers are not accepted at all.)

plus ¥10,000
Translation of Label plus ¥10,000

Due to various reasons, our SDS authoring services are widely used.

  • Convert Japanese SDS into English one compliant to the latest EU regulations
  • Prepare SDS for Japan, EU and China simultaneously
  • Convert English SDS into Japanese one compliant to the latest Japanese rules and regulations
  • Submit Japanes and English SDS to the US military base in Japan
  • Urgent sample transportation by aircraft
  • Create SDS hiding proprietary technical information as much as possible
  • Urgent LABEL preparation
  • Prepare LABEL used for workplace safety or storage instruction in warehouse
  • Need SDS of article for genaral consumers
  • No one can prepare SDS because chemical expert retired.
  • Need to submit SDS but do not know how to do that

The customers' voice on our SDS authoring service

Based of customers' precious opinions, we've been  addressing improvement of the service and quality.

  • Good cost performance.
    I introduced the service to my clients. I'll continuously use your service from now on. (Products subjected to SDS authoring : Healthy food, drink and cosmetics)

  • I deeply appreciate your rapid and polite correspondence. (Products subjected to SDS authoring : Synthesized resin)

  • Rapid and correct correpondence to our inquiry is very helpful. (Products subjected to SDS authoring : Raw materials for helthy food)

  • Both SDS creation from English one to Japanese one and its opposite treatment are available with resonable price.
    Moreover deliverly is fast. (Products subjected to SDS authoring : Additives used for automotive engines)

  • I always receive kind and understandable explanation.
    It's very grateful. (Products subjected to SDS authoring : Adhesives)

  • There's only a word of appreciation for quick response. (Products subjected to SDS authoring : Abrasives)

Extensive SDS authoring experiences

We've been received orders from 200 or more customers every year and authored variety of SDSs as below.

  • Chemicals
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Shipbuilding
  • Electronics
  • Metal industry
  • Mining
  • Agriculture/Animal husbandry
  • Cosmetics
  • Trading companies
  • Construction
  • Power utilities/Energy
  • Railway
  • Health-care, Pharmaceuticals
  • Machinery
  • Daily necessities/Miscellaneous goods
  • Food industry
  • University/Research institute
  • Local government
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