【Start April 2019】Extend languages of SDS authoring service

Thank you so much for your patronage to our services.
From April 2019, we'd like to expand languages of our SDS authoring service as follows.
Four languages and five kinds of SDS are newly added to the service.

Newly added languages and launch schedule

Countries and LanguagesLaunch schedule
Thai SDS for Thailand Top of April
Indonesian SDS for Indonesia
Malay SDS for Malaysia
English SDS for Malaysia
Vietnamese SDS for Vietnam
Number of days until delivery for all the languages is 10 business days at first.
(We'll reduce it to 5 business days little by little.)
We will announce official launch schedule or price middle of March.

We will continue to improve the service more than ever.
We look forward to seeing your continuous guidance and patronage.

Asahi Grapic Corporation

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