Information of GHS Assistant ver3.97

We'd like to announce contents of GHS Assistant ver.3.97 as below.

Data maintenance

1. NITE CHRIP 20190205

NITE CHRIP 20190205 data were incorporated to the system.

2. NITE CHRIP 20190319

NITE CHRIP 20190319 data were incorporated to the system.

3. NITE CHRIP 20190416

NITE CHRIP 20190416 data were incorporated to the system.

4. Revision of Japan GHS classification data

Japan GHS classification data revised until 20190424 were incorporated to the system.

5. US TSCA Inventory update

US TSCA Inventory data published in 20190315 were incorporated to the system.

6. Japan CSCL: Newly added Priority Assessment Chemical Substances

In response to notification by MHLW, METI and MOE noticed in 20190401, newly added 15 Priority Assessment Chemical Substances were incorporated to the system.

7. Newly added carcinogenic substance of Japan Labor Standards Act

In response to notification by MHLW in 20190410, newly added carcinogenic substance, o-Toluidine (CAS 95-53-4) was incorporated to the system.

8. Revision of Japan Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act

In response to notification by MOE published in 20180918 and forced in 20190401, trans-1,2-Dichloroethylene (CAS 156-60-5) and 1,2-Dichloroethylene (CAS 540-59-0) were newly added to Japan Soil Contamination Countermeasures Act. 
The two substancs were incorporated to the system.

9. Updated of ACGIH TLVs and BEIs and carcinogenicity data

Based on newly issued ACGIH 2019 TLVs and BEIs, these data were incoporated to the system.

10. Revision of classification method of organic solvents regulated in provision 38-3 of Specified Chemical Substances in ISHA

Aforementioned classification method applied to mixtures containing special organic solvents of class 2 Specified Chemical substances in ISHA was revised.

11. Revision of chemical dictionary

Based on update of rules and regulations or customers' requirement, chemical dictionary was revised.

System maintenance

1. Newly added 13 checkboxes for frequentry used precautionary statements

13 checkboxes for the frequenty used precautionary statements not defined in GHS or other regulations were newly added in the system.

2. Enhancemant of setting items for label drafting screen

In order to ease selection of label contents, the setting items for the label drafting screen were enhanced.

3. Update of operation manual

In order to explain all of the functionality we've deliverd, the operation manual of the system was updated to edition 4.

4. Other minor improvements etc.

Other minor improvements, functionality change and improvements of system performance were done.

Other than aforementioned items, various data maintenance or improvement are done continuously.

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