Information of GHS Assistant ver4.05

We'd like to announce contents of GHS Assistant ver.4.05 as below.

Data maintenance

1. NITE CHRRIP data update

Based on NITE CHRIP data update in 20191008 and 20191126, our relevant databases were also updated.

2. Japan Mutagenic Chemical Substances update

Based on MHLW notifications in 20191217, 28 of notified substances were added to the Mutagenic Chemical Substances.

3. Report required substances, MHLW Japan (targeted in 2021 and reported in 2022) update

Based on MHLW notification in 20191205, molybdenum trioxide designated as the report required substance was added to our relevant database.

4. IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations 61th Edition

Contents of IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations 61th Edition (Effective 20200101) were added to our relevant database.

5. Reformation of precautionary phrases.

Some defects of precationary phrases were reformed.

6. Enhancement of Regulatory Information of China

Following data were newly added.

6.1 Classification and catalog of occupational diseases harmful factors (2015) regulated in Law of the People's Republic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Occupational Diseases

6.2 The Inventory of Existing Chemical Substance in China (2019) regulated in Measures for Environmental Management of New Chemical Substances

7. Enhancement of Regulatory Information of Taiwan

Following data were newly added.

7.1 Taiwan Existing Chemical Substance Inventory designated in Occupational Safety and Health Act.

8. Enhancement of Regulatory Information of Thailand

Following data were newly added.

8.1 Hazardous Substance List designated in Hazardous Chemical Act

8.2 Announcement of the Department of Labor Protection and Welfare: List of Hazardous Chemical designated in Occupational Health, Safety and Working Environment Act

9. Revision of chemical dictionary

Based on update of rules and regulations or customers' requirement, chemical dictionary was revised.

System maintenance

1. Systematic improvements against discrepancy between GHS classification and UN Packing Group

There’s the discrepancy between Flammable Liquid: Category 2 and UN Packing Group I for Acrylonitrile and other for substances.
So as to prepare or revise SDS for the aforementioned substances, the systematic improvements were done.

2. Installation of checkboxes for precautionary statements

New checkboxes for precautionary statements containing incidental information (ex. IF ON SKIN: etc) were newly installed.

3. Bug fixing on conversion of proper shipping name

In case of converting SDS into other one with other language, some UN proper shipping names were not converted correctly, but it was fixed.

4. Installation of new buttons for reformation of UN No. and physical characteristics data

Aforementioned buttons were installed in basic data screen.

5. Expansion of “Display about user” button

In order to display login ID, login user’s name and data setting status etc., installation location of “Display about user” button was expanded.

6. Enhancement of retrieval result of user’s chemical dictionary

Synonym was added to the retrieval result of user’s chemical dictionary.
Moreover, when displaying the retrieval result, the screen was enhanced to display all columns or specific one.

7. Wildcard retrieval for label data

The wildcard retrieval for label data were introduced in Review, Draft, Edit, and Delete screen respectively.

8. Improvement of display of P code

In SDS edit screen, P code is shown without hiding by product category code.

9. Bug fixing on product category code

Some bugs were seen in category code function, but they were fixed.

10. Change of dividing character for company name retrieval

Dividing character for company name retrieval was changed from comma(,) to pipe(|).

11. Installation of “In bulk SDS registration” (Only for Server version)

SDS registration function was enhanced to register SDS waiting for registration in bulk.

12. Installation of “In bulk SDS cancellation and abolition”

SDS registration function was enhanced to cancel or abolish SDS in bulk.

13. Installation of “Check operation records”

So as to check operation record of the system, “Check operation records” was newly installed.

14. Installation of “Classification basis”

Classification basis in SDS edit screen was newly installed.
As the first step, [GHS Classification scheme based on ingredients information and additive calculation] for Skin corrosion/irritation and for Serious eye damage/irritation was installed in chapter 11.
(The basis for Acute toxicity and other toxicological information and ecological information shall be prepared hereafter,)

15. Revision of operation manual

Revised operation manual (Rev.5th) was issued to introduce newly added function and enhanced function.

16. Minor improvements

Minor improvements, functionality changes and improvements of system performance were done.

Other than aforementioned items, various data maintenance or improvement are done continuously.

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