Information of GHS Assistant ver4.08

We'd like to announce contents of GHS Assistant ver.4.08 as below.

Data maintenance

1. NITE CHRRIP data update

Based on NITE CHRIP data updated in 20200602, our relevant databases were also updated.

2. Update of Poisonous and Deleterious Substance Control Act

In response to cabinet order issued in 20200624, our relevant databases were updated.

3. Update of MARPOL Annex II, amended Noxious Liquid

In response to notification of MOE issued in 20200604, our relevant databases were updated.

4. Update of Hazardous Substance List of Hazardous Substance Control Act in Thailand

In response to Hazardous Substance List (No.6), our relevant databases were updated.

5. Revision of chemical dictionary

Based on update of rules and regulations or customers' requirement, chemical dictionary was revised.

System maintenance

1. Countermeasures against Thai characters that should not be output at the beginning of the sentence

Technical countermeasures were taken to prevent the aforementioned Thai characters (vowel, tone symbols etc.) from being output at the beginning of sentences.

2. Minor improvements

Minor improvements, functionality changes and improvements of system performance were done.
Other than aforementioned items, various data maintenance or improvement are done continuously.

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