Information of GHS Assistant ver4.09

We'd like to announce contents of GHS Assistant ver.4.09 as below.

Data maintenance

1. Update of GHS classification by Japanese government in 2019

Newly classified 34 substances were added and conventional data for 130 substances were revised.

2. NITE CHRRIP data update

Based on NITE CHRIP data updated in 20200731, our relevant databases were also updated.

3. Enhancement content of Japan PRTR Law

Output contents of the information applicable to the law were enhanced.

4. Update of rules and regulations data of Japan

Our databases on Industry Safety and Health Act, PRTR law and so on were partially revised.

5. Introduction of GHS revised 7th edition to EU CLP

In response to introduction of GHS revised 7th edition to EU CLP based on ATP12 (COMMISSION DELEGATED REGULATION (EU) 2019/521 of 27 March 2019), our relevant databases were updated.

6. Revision of REACH SVHC

Four substances were added to REACH SVHC. The candidate list of substances of SVHCs for authorisation now contains 209 substances.

7. Reformation of GHS classification of EU CLP

Data on serious eye damage/eye irritation in EU CLP were partially revised.

8. Revision of US OSHA PEL and NIOSH REL

Based on the latest US OSHA PEL and NIOSH REL, our relevant databases were updated.

9. Update of China Existing Chemical Substance

Based on the Inventory of Existing Chemical Substance in China (2020), 203 substances were added.

10. Expansion of rules and regulations of Indonesia

Government Regulation of the Republic of Indonesia 74/2001 concerning Management of Hazardous and Dangerous Materials, Regulation of the Minister of Industry 24/M-IND/PER/5/2006 of Supervision over Production and Utilization of Dangerous Substances for Industries and Regulation of the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia 75/M-DAG/PER/10/2014 concerning second amendment to 44/M-DAG/PER/9/2009 were added to our relevant databases.

11. Introduction of Malaysia ICOP CHC (AMENDMENT) 2019

So as to use GHS classification data listed in the document, our relevant databases were revised.

12. Expansion of rules and regulations of Vietnam

Decision of promulgating the regulation on operation responsibilities of toxic chemicals (26/2016/QD-TTg and 04/2020/QD-TTg) were incorporated into our relevant database.

13. Revision of chemical dictionary

Based on update of rules and regulations or customers' requirement, chemical dictionary was revised.

System maintenance

1. Installation of “Classification basis”

Classification basis in SDS edit screen were newly installed.
As the fourth step, classification scheme for Carcinogenicity and Reproductive toxicity were newly installed. (As for STOT, we’ll prepare to install the classification basis.)

2. Installation of multilingual preview function

In response to drafting of multilingual SDS, multilingual preview function was installed to ease confirmation of the documents.
For example, when you operate Japanese display screen and draft an SDS in Simplified Chinese, if you click the preview button, then the SDS in the SDS creation language (in this case, Simplified Chinese) will be displayed first. , Next, the display language (in this case, Japanese SDS) is displayed.

3. Add new items to users’ chemical dictionary

pH and kinematic viscosity were newly added to users’ chemical dictionary.

4. Automatic output of Boiling point refered ingredient and Auto-ignition temperature refered ingredient

So as to output aforementioned information, new function was installed.

5. Installation of SDS documentation memo

New function of SDS documentation memo was added to record editorial policies and revision information regarding individual SDSs.

6. Revision of operation manual

Revised operation manual was issued to introduce newly added function and enhanced function.

7. Minor improvements

Minor improvements, functionality changes and improvements of system performance were done.
Other than aforementioned items, various data maintenance or improvement are done continuously.

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