How to order the service

The following explains how to order the service.

1.Inquiry and request for price quotation

First of all, please contact us by e-mail( or Price quotation request form in this page.
After getting your inquiry, our professionals send you detailed guidance together with SDS data request form (EXCEL).

If you need to have NDA, please contact us ( We can provide our NDA format, if you want. 

We'll also welcome your prior inquiry or consultation.
If you want to contact us anonymously, please use chat at lower right of this screen or call us.

2.Disclosure of data and information necessary for SDS authoring

After filling up the SDS data request form(EXCLE), please submit it to our professionals.
If the objective product is purchased or imported ones, please provide its SDS/MSDS issued by suppliers too.
When you don't know how to get aforementioned data or information, please feel free to contact us.

Principal data and information filled in data request form(EXCEL) are as follows.

  • Name of product
  • Relevant identified use
  • Destination country
  • Company information
    Company name, Address, Division, Telephone number, FAX, Emergency telephone numper (24h mandatory in China, Available date and time shall be written for other countries) 
  • Physicals state (ex. Liquid, Solid, Gas, Aerosol etc.)
  • Component table (CAS No. and Content (%) is necessary. As for non-hazardous components, please indicate it.)
  • Physical and Chemical properties: Flash point and Boiling point  (As for flammable liquid mixture, please specify measured values. Otherwise the lowest value of them (contained 5% or more) are used and regarded for the values of the mixture.  Furthermore Color, Odor, pH (Mandatory for aqueous solution), kinematic viscosity etc.
  • UN No.
    In the case of products that do not have hazards on transport, please specify "Not applicable to UN No".
  • SDS issued by supplier
    If the objective product is purchased or imported ones, please provide its SDS/MSDS issued by suppliers too. 

3.Price quotation

The price quotation will be sent after confirming necessary data or information and your order. (Most cases are 35,000 per product. Please check FAQ for special cases.)

We will strictly manage your confidential information. (We discard the confidential information one month after the delivery or if your order is not placed.)

4.Order placing, Start SDS authoring service

It normally takes 7 business days to complete a SDS.
Our SDS authoring professionals will check the final SDS.
If we have any questions in SDS authoring process, we'll contact you.

5.SDS delivery

We deliver RTF file (Editable by Microsoft Word) of final SDS by email.
Based on your request, PDF file is also available.
Shipping notification and invoice will be sent by email after the delivery.

6.After support

If you have any questions or if you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us.
Our professionals will respond to you as quickly as possible.

Within one month after the delivery, if you find any issues about the SDS, please contact us.
We are happy to revise the file without any additional charge.

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