Feature of service

Our SDS/MSDS authoring service provide a much lower-price and high-quality SDS/MSDS documents by using our SDS authoring software GHS Assistant.

The price of SDS is ex. \35,000 per document. (As for customers meet specified conditions, the price is \15,000 per document.)

In order to provide accurate and GHS compliant SDS, our professionals check whether prepared SDS can comply with local, national and international regulations.
Even if you need SDS ASAP, we’ll author and deliver it quickly.
Please feel free to contact us.

Multilingual correspodence SDS/MSDS authoring service

Following GHS compliant SDS/MSDS are available at this moment.

  • Japanese SDS/MSDS for JAPAN
  • English SDS/MSDS for the US military base in JAPAN
  • English SDS/MSDS for EU
  • English SDS/MSDS for the US
  • Chinese (Simplified) SDS/MSDS for PRC (Mainland China)
  • Chinese (Traditional) SDS/MSDS for TAIWAN
  • Spanish SDS/MSDS for Mexico
  • Thai SDS/MSDS for Thailand
  • Indonesian SDS/MSDS for Indonesia
  • English and Malay SDS/MSDS for Malaysia
  • Vietnamese SDS/MSDS for Vietnam

As for other languages or other countries, please contact us.

Extensive SDS authoring experience

We receive orders from 200 or more customers every year and author variety of SDSs as below.
Cumulative SDSs we’ve authored exceeds 3,000 in recent three years.

  • Chemicals
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Shipbuilding
  • Electronics
  • Metal industry
  • Mining
  • Agriculture/Animal husbandry
  • Cosmetics
  • Trading companies
  • Construction
  • Power utilities/Energy
  • Railway
  • Health-care, Pharmaceuticals
  • Machinery
  • Retail
  • Daily necessities/Miscellaneous goods
  • Food industry

Other than aforementioned areas, we also provide SDS/MSDS in response to customers' request.

Reasonable price (ex. ¥35,000)

We author SDS/MSDS by using our automatic SDS/MSDS authoring software "GHS Assistant". 
It allows us to author SDS/MSDS in minutes, so we can provide much lower-price and high-quality MSDS/MSDS than other SDS suppliers. (ex. SDS ¥35,000 and Label ¥5,000)

Strict protection of your confidential information

We strictly protect your confidential information.
(In response to your necessity, we can sign NDA.)

Delivery within 7 business days

After getting necessary data and information, we’ll start SDS authoring.
If your request is five documents or less, we will deliver them within 7 business days. (10 business days for some languages).
And if you need it ASAP, please feel free to contact us.

Quality policy

In order to provide accurate and GHS compliant SDS, our professionals check whether prepared SDS can comply with local, national and international regulations.

Excellent support system

We’ll support it for one month after delivery.
When you find any points to be corrected, we’ll correct tham free of charge.
If you have any trouble or technical inquiry from your customers, we'll advice properly based on our extensive experience.

In following cases, please contact us.

Due to various reasons, SDS/MSDS and Labels are required.

  • Convert Japanese SDS into English one complaint to the latest EU regulations
  • Prepare SDS for Japan, EU and for China simultaneously
  • Convert English SDS into Japanese one compliant to the latest rules and regulations in Japan
  • Submit Japanese and English SDS to the US military base in JAPAN
  • Urgent sample transportation by aircraft
  • Create SDS hiding proprietary technical information as much as possible
  • Urgent LABEL preparation
  • Prepare LABEL used for workplace safety or storage instruction in warehouse
  • Need SDS of article for general consumers
  • No one can prepare SDS because chemical expert retired.
  • Need to submit SDS but do not know how to do that


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