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Our SDS/MSDS authoring service provide a much lower-price and high-quality SDS/MSDS documents by using our SDS authoring software GHS Assistant.

The price of SDS is ex. \35,000 per document. (As for customers meet specified conditions, the price is \15,000 per document.)

In order to provide accurate and GHS compliant SDS, our professionals check whether prepared SDS can comply with local, national and international regulations.
Even if you need SDS ASAP, we’ll author and deliver it quickly.
Please feel free to contact us.

Price of SDS/MSDS authoring service:

  • Japanese SDS/MSDS for JAPAN
  • English SDS/MSDS for the US military base in JAPAN
  • English SDS/MSDS for EU
  • English SDS/MSDS for the US
  • Chinese (Simplified) SDS/MSDS for PRC (Mainland China)
  • Chinese (Traditional) SDS/MSDS for TAIWAN
  • Spanish SDS/MSDS for Mexico
  • Thai SDS/MSDS for Thailand
  • Indonesian SDS/MSDS for Indonesia
  • Malay or English SDS/MSDS for Malaysia, ※1
  • Vietnamese SDS/MSDS for Vietnam

¥35,000 (without tax)

As for rules and regulations we can provide, click here.
※1:Both English and Malay SDS are required for Malaysia. If you ordered both English and Malay SDS simultaneously, package price ¥45,000 (without tax) is applied.

Price of Label authoring service:

Common for all languages

¥5,000 (without tax)

Only label authoring service is not available.
Please order it together with SDS/MSDS authoring.
(Label design is not available.)

Price of SDS translation service (Provided simultaneously with SDS authoring)

Common for all languages

¥10,000 (without tax)

The translation service is provided simultaneously with the SDS authoring service.
(It's not formal SDS or Label, but can be used for deciphering of contents or education material for local staff. )
Large watermark "FOR YOUR REFERENCE" is printed in all pages and PDF file is provided.

Please be sure to place the order together with the SDS authoring service.
(Translations of SDS created by other service providers are not accepted at all.)

(Attention!) To customers considering translation of SDS/MSDS for exporting products

SDS/Label translation problems caused by translation companies are increasing in recent years.
In order to avoid such problems, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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